Bari Cathedral

Cathedral of San Sabino in Bari

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The Cathedral of San Sabino in Bari dates from the 7th and 8th centuries but the current building was built in the 12th century in Apulian Romanesque style. Baroque features were later added to both the facade and the interior but in the latest restoration much of it was returned to its original Romanesque appearance. The lintel above the rose window is decorated with Romanesque animals and figures. Inside are 14th century frescoes and some remains of mosaic floor from the original cathedral. In the crypt are the relics of Saint Sabino and the icon of the Madonna Odegitria which is said to have been brought there in the 7th century.

Next to the cathedral is the Diocesan Museum with a display of religious artifacts including the Exultet, an illuminated manuscript of Byzantine origins. Nearby is the Castle of Bari. Also in Bari be sure to visit the Basilica of Saint Nicholas.

At A Glance

Piazza dell'Odegitria 1
70100 Bari


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