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Bareboats are vessels, usually yachts, but can also be catamarans, motor cruisers and houseboats, that are chartered with no crew on board. Charterers do all the navigation and piloting of the vessel so boating experience is required.

The Whitsunday Islands are the bareboat capital of the GBR with an enormous choice of vessels to choose from and vast cruising grounds to explore. Individual charter operators set their own cruising ground limits within the Whitsunday Islands. Generally the southern limit is Brampton Islandin the south through to Gloucester Island in the north.

Bareboat fleets are based at Airlie Beach, Shute Harbourand Hamilton Island. Depending on which company you charter with will determine where you will board your vessel.

Cruising areas are determined by each bareboat operator, but in general, the Whitsundays cruising area lies between Gloucester Island in the north and Brampton Island in the south. The most popular cruising route is essentially a circular voyage around Whitsunday, Hamilton and Hook Islands, offering plenty of protected anchorages, superb snorkelling, beaches, island walks and good sailing opportunities. If you’re looking to get away from the crowd, head south towards Lindeman and Brampton Island at the start of your cruise, when you’ll likely be beating to windward in prevailing south easterlies. Most likely you’ll have a downwind run back to your charter base at Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island.

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