Barcelona’s Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

The burial spot of Saint Eulàlia, a martyr, in the year 303

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Barcelona’s Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar now stands where many people believe existed a small chapel in which the congregation buried the martyr Saint Eulàlia in the year 303. The structure became known as “Santa Maria del Mar” by the end of the 7th-century. However, the population grew dramatically through the 13th-century requiring a more substantial church.

A New Basilica

The first stone of the current Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar was laid on March 25th, 1329.  Finally, the last stone, with the city’s coat of arms, was installed on November 3rd, 1383.

A Devastating Fire

Unfortunately a devastating fire began in the basilica on July 19th, 1936. Burning for 11 days, it destroyed the historical archives, images, pictures, and the stunning baroque altar. However, due to expert restoration, it became once more one of the most significant examples of the Gothic era.

Moreover, rooftop guided tours are available.

At A Glance

Plaça de Santa Maria, 1
Barcelona 08003


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