Barbados Wildlife Reserve

A family stroll through a natural paradise

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One of the best ways to introduce children to the real marvels of nature is to take them on a stroll through the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Barbados is a natural paradise. It is a perfect place to discover the flora and fauna of  the island. The animals roam freely through the reserve. You will be sure to see green monkeys, who were brought to Barbados in the 17th century. They have golden fur and pale hands and feet. There are also iguanas, mara (a relative of the guinea pig that looks a lot like a long-legged bunny), caimans, parrots, snakes, peacocks and a species of small deer called the brocket deer.

All  of the buildings in the reserve are built from coral rock and the brick paths were made from recycled bricks from sugar factories. You can also visit Grenade Hall Signal Station.

Try to visit at around two o’clock in the afternoon. That is feeding time and the best time to visit.

At A Glance

Signal Station, Farley Hill
St. Peter
(246) 422-8826
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