Barbados Concorde Experience

High flying beauty

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The Barbados Concorde Experience is perfect for airplane buffs, but it’s also exciting for anyone who knows the history of the famous ‘Alpha Echo’ Concorde. Almost any age will enjoy the displays, videos and flight simulators — you get to hear what breaking the sound barrier is like! A tour of the plane reveals it is smaller than one would think, but the flight deck is incredibly complicated. The seat where Queen Elizabeth always sat on her flights to and from London is set for dinner.

Just standing in front of this beautiful plane is awesome. The Barbados Concorde Experience evokes another era, when flying was stylish and sophisticated — if you had the money to afford a ride on the Concorde! There are stories and pictures of the famous people who regularly hopped on board. (Elton John was a frequent passenger.) The sleek plane would whisk you from New York to London in three and a half hours.

It’s no longer possible to fly on the Concorde, of course, but this museum/experience gives you a good idea of why this airplane has become legendary.

At A Glance

Grantley Adams International Airport
Christ Church
(246) 420-7738
Open 9-5, closed on Sunday and Monday


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