Baozi Pu Dumplings

No-nonsense simple grub

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Baozi Pu, literally “dumplings shop”, has been on this corner of Nanluoguxiang for years, but has somehow resisted the temptation to sever its roots and go posh. While the majority of shops and restaurants nearby have been gentrified since Nanluoguxiang (Beijing’s most famous hutong) received a massive facelift, Baozi Pu stayed no-nonsense and just kept chugging out tasty dumplings, noodles and simple rice dishes for hungry shoppers and tourists.

Steamed dumplings (¥6 per basket) are the speciality – you’ll see baskets of them piled up at the entrance. We also like the boiled dumplings (zheng jiao). There are some decent noodle dishes too, and a couple of fried rice numbers thrown in for good measure.

The menu here is Chinese-only and is stuck on one wall. Note, there are photos, with English labels, of a small selection of good-value rice meals (¥10-12) that they also do here.

108 Guloudong Dajie

Nearest subway:
Gulou Dajie, Beixingqiao, Andingmen (all 1.5km)

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At A Glance

108 Guloudong Dajie
steamed dumplings ¥6, noodles ¥6-8, fried rice ¥6-8, beer ¥4

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