Bannockburn Heritage Centre

One of Scotland's proudest moments

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It was at the Battle of Bannockburn that “Proud Edwards Army” was “sent… home to think again”, as the unofficial Scottish national anthem, Flower of Scotland (sung here ?) describes.

Now a mighty equestrian statue of Robert the Bruce looks out onto the countryside where his troops routed a much larger English force in 1314.

The slaughter paved the way for the Declaration of Arbroath (1320) and Scottish independence from England. The site’s freely accessible to the public, but there’s not really that much to see. But you can look out onto the rolling countryside and ponder what the scene must have been – it’s thought the centre of the battle was on marshy land about a mile west.

To help fuel your imagination visit the flashy adjacent visitor centre where the conflict is described and Bruce’s shrewd tactics are discussed. Also here is a recreation of the cave in which, according to legend, Bruce was inspired in his struggle by the persistence of a spider spinning a web. There’s also chance to try on chain-mail (a hit with kids).

At A Glance

Glasgow Rd
Stirling FK7 0L
44 844 493 2139
Adult £11.50 Child/concession £8.50 Family (up to 4 children) £30.50; site free
Site Daily until Dusk; Centre Daily 10am-5.30pm Mar & Oct; 10am-5pm Nov-Feb

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