Private holiday home of the British Royal Family

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Bought by Queen Victoria in 1852, Balmoral castle was quickly transformed into a mansion and her “dear paradise”.

You can see why she liked it: the riverside setting is lovely and the scene is elegantly completed by the white granite palace. Its medley of fantastical Baronial-style turrets were the work of husband Albert and Aberdeen-born architect William Smith

The ballroom is truly sumptuous but above all a visit provides a good insight into the world of today’s royalty.

At A Glance

Balmoral Estates
Ballater AB35 5TB
44 1339 742534
Adults - £11.50 Seniors / Students - £10.50 Children (5 to 16 years) - £5.00 Family Ticket (up to 4 children) - £28.50
Apr–Jul 10am–5pm daily

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