Bale Kambang

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Cost: Adult Rp12,000 Child Rp6,000 Parking Rp1000 8am-4pm

Also within Semarpura Complex is Bale Kambang or Floating Pavilion, surrounded by a moat filled with lotus flowers and circular pads of green. Bale Kambang is used as a meeting place for such ceremonies as tooth filing or funerals. The ceiling is painted in a similar style to those in the Kertha Gosa with each panel depicting a different story including the story of Sutasoma, hero of the Old Javanese poem, Kakawin Sutasoma, and the source of Indonesia’s national motto, Bhinneka Tunggal Ika , which translates as Unity in Diversity.  The popular folk tale about the chaotic domestic life of Pan and Men Brayut  is also relayed along with scenes  from the Pelintangan calendars, showing a combination of the five & seven day weeks.

At A Glance

Semarapura Kelod, Klungkung Sub-District,
Klungung Bali 80761

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