Balandra Beach

This beach outside of town has been declared a Natural Protected Area

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La Paz proper isn’t known for its great beaches, although it
does have a wonderful malecon (seaside promenade). To enjoy a proper beach day,
travelers will have to venture further afield, to relatively secluded Balandra Beach. The beach lies 18 miles on paved roads outside of town. Once there,
you’ll have nice views of Isla Espiritu. The beach is kid-friendly, with calm
surf and many areas only waist deep waters. There are tables, umbrellas, and
kayaks for rent. Sometimes there are vendors selling snacks but to be the safe
side it’s best to pack a picnic lunch. One of the reasons the beach is so
beautiful is because it’s been declared a Natural Protected Area. You can get
to Balandra Beach via bus or taxi, although renting a car will give you the
most flexibility, especially if you’re hauling gear, or if you  want to grab a bite at one of several nearby
restaurants specializing in fresh lobster.

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