Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

It's chocolate. What else do you need?

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More than two dozen chocolate martinis on the menu make at least two dozen reasons to give this place a try.

And then there’s the chocolate beer and beer/ice cream milk shakes.

And the wines, the Scotch, the tequilas – not a finer collection will you find in St. Louis.

If the chocolate and the alcohol becomes a little overwhelming, try a delicious Norwegian and Missouri cheese plate, a mini little pizzetta or a bag of spiced pistachio nuts.

Yes, it’s an eclectic collection, but what else would you expect from the folks who first brought Rooster’s and their eclectic breakfast offering to St. Louis.


At A Glance

1915 Park Ave.
St. Louis MO 64104
(314) 241-8100
for a white/dark chocolate raspberry martini.


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