Babcock Wilderness Adventures

Crackers, Cattle & Cranes

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a 90-minute swamp-buggy-bus ride through Crescent B Ranch and Telegraph Cypress
Swamp you can spot wild white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, sandhill cranes, and alligators. You’re ensured to see the penned panther.

The driver
does on-board demonstrations with a live baby gator and leads a boardwalk
hike through the cypress swamp. The adventure takes place on an actual ranch that
dates back to the cow-hunting (here in Florida, they are called cowhunters rather than cowboys) era.

Cracker cattle are still raised here, as
well as alligators. A restaurant, live snake display, taxidermy three-horned cow, gift shop, and small
natural history museum set in a cabin used in Sean Connery’s movie Just
(filmed partly on-site) complete the offerings here.

“Vittles” and tour packages and other special season tours are also available.

Less than an hour drive from the Sanibel Causeway

At A Glance

8000 FL 31
Punta Gorda
$22 adults, $21 seniors, $12 children ages 3–12
Tours by reservation only; call for times.


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