Le Petit Versailles

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This exquisite Quercynois village can be found nestling in a small valley under the limestone cliffs of the Causse de Gramat, not far from the town of St-Céré.

The exceptionally well preserved houses are grouped round the impressive Romanesque church and there are mini-chateaux and mansions, distinguished by corbels, turrets and mullioned windows, everywhere. This a Plus Beau Village and thoroughly deserves the appellation.

It was never an everyday working village however and was generally inhabited by the ‘well-to-do’ earning it the title of ‘le Petit Versailles‘ in days gone by!

Don’t miss the view from the Cirque d’Autoire above the village or nearby Loubressac, also a Plus Beau Village, located on a rocky escarpment about 5km/3mi north of Autoire.

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