Australian Wildflower Wonders

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Wow! Where to start about Australian wildflower wonders?

The numbers are gobsmacking: 18,000 species of flowering plants across the country. They come in every imaginable shape, colour and size, from football-sized banksia cones to heath flowers smaller than a rice grain. They bloom in eucalypt forests and on alpine plains, transform coastal scrub and carpet the outback after rain. Some are common and others rare. Many are widespread, some limited to a few hectares.

Wildflower tours are big business in Western Australia, where the season rolls south from the far-north Kimberley to the Southern Ocean coast from June to November.

You can, however, enjoy fabulous floral displays in every state and territory. Wildflower hot spots include Victoria’s Alps and the Grampians; the Flinders Ranges in South Australia; the Blue Mountains in New South Wales; and Tasmania’s Tasman Peninsula. It’s difficult to select from Western Australia’s offerings but try Kalbarri National Park and Karijini National Park in the north, and the Cape to Cape Track and the Stirling Ranges down south.

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