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In many ways Australia is defined by
sport, and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has played a major part in
our sporting success since 1981. This is where many of our most famous athletes
have lived and trained and where they are remembered and immortalized.

Take a
tour and go behind the scenes where you may even see some of the top athletes
training. If you want to get more involved, for a small fee you can swim in the
Aquatic Centre or work out in the Fitness Centre, both open to the public.

can also try out your sporting prowess in Sportex,
the interactive sporting exhibit where your skills at basketball, football,
rowing or even virtual downhill skiing can be tested.

There are four AIS tours throughout
the day, starting at 10 am. You don’t have to book, but be warned if you have
kids with you it may take some doing to get them to move onto the next

At A Glance

Leverrier St. Bruce
Canberra ACT 2617
02 6214 1111

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