Australian Alps Walking Track

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Australia’s national capital and a tiny historic gold town are the very different bookends of the Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT). This long-distance track traverses four alpine national parks on its 650km journey from Walhalla to Canberra through the mountains of Victoria, New South Wales and the ACT.

The route combines maintained walking tracks, less trod foot pads, fire trails and 4WD tracks. There are step on/off places along its length that facilitate shorter hikes. Much of the AAWT is remote from settlement, however, and often under snow in winter. So although the route is well signed you should not rely on trail markers. Only people experienced in navigation and remote trekking should venture out on the AAWT.

Those who fit the bill can look forward to an unforgettable journey. You will hike across high plains where brumbies (wild horses) roam and wildflowers weave multi-coloured spring-summer carpets. Through stands of twisted, striped snow gums. Up steep ridges and down into tall-timbered valleys.

Hiking from Mt Hotham to Falls Creek, in Victoria, is a delicious AAWT taster.

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