Audubon House

Tropical acre in Key West

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Captain John H. Geiger, chief among wreckers in Key West in the early 1800s, had this home built in 1830. He incorporated architectural elements picked up during lucrative wrecking operations along the reefs of the Keys.

On the grounds of the home is a rare tropical tree named for the captain, the Geiger Tree. When Audubon visited Key West, he sought out the lovely red blooms to use in his depiction of the also now-endangered white-crowned pigeon, and folklore has it that it was from Geiger’s piece of land. A later landowner, Mitchell Wolfson, preserved Geiger’s estate, adding tropical gardens and a museum in honor of Audubon’s work.

An interpretive one-acre tropical garden is the centerpiece of this downtown oasis, with an 1840-style nursery, orchid and bromeliad collections, and an herb garden.

At A Glance

205 Whitehead Street
Key West 33041
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