Great balls of iron!

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It is probably one of the most photographed landmarks in Belgium. It’s also bigger than many expect and since its facelift inside and out and subsequent reopening in 2006, it’s a lot more shiny and eye-catching than ever before. Designed by the engineer André Waterkyn and architects André and Jean Polak for the Brussels Expo 58, the Atomium represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. The message was the peaceful use of atomic energy.

The Expo feel is still very strong here and there are many temporary exhibitions and several permanent ones, including a two-floor history of the building itself. If all this has made you hungry, you could retire to the upstairs bar/restaurant for a Belgian beer, some food or both. The views from this diner in the sky are magnificent both night and day.

At A Glance

Square de l'Atomium
Brussels 1020
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