Atlantis Submarine Adventures Barbados

The Shallow Draught

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The Atlantis Submarine Adventure in Barbados is one of those experiences that both thrills and teaches. It’s a perfect choice for families, but also for couples or solo adventurers.

The air-conditioned submarine takes passengers down below the surface of the Caribbean Sea, to a depth of about 150 feet. You’ll see tropical fish, colourful coral reefs and even shipwrecks, while listening to a knowledgeable guide. The underwater trip lasts for about forty minutes. The submarine can hold up to 48 people.

Children need to be three feet in height in order to take the cruise. While the tickets are on the pricey side, the experience is one that is highly memorable, and well worth the investment. How else — unless you are a scuba diver — will you get to see the underwater wonders of Barbados?

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