Athabasca Glacier, The

Hike or 4x4 a glacier

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From the Icefield Centre it’s a short walk to the tip of the Athabasca Glacier past date markers that show it’s retreated over 1.5km in the past 125 years (and lost half its volume).

The foot of the glacier is riddled with dangerous crevasses, so if you want to walk it join a tour:

Brewster’s Ice Explorers (Apr–Oct every 15 to 30 minutes; $50/adult; book online or on 780-852-6550) will take you on a 90min,
5km, ride over the glacier with a chance to get out and walk safely on
the ice. Tours around the middle of the day are often booked up or very

For a proper hike on the ice join a reasonably strenuous
ice walk run daily at 9:40am (June –September). They take 3–5hr ($80/95 – kids half price), explore the lower half of the glacier and offer superb views of its features, surrounding ice-carved landscapes and other alpine glaciers. Book online or call 1-800-565-7574.

At A Glance

Half price for kids


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