Aruba’s Bird Sanctuary

Oasis of nature

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Bubali Plas Bird Sanctuary is the place to see dozens of native and migratory species in one area. The fields and lakes supply food, water, and nesting spots for about 80 types of birds.

Serious bird watchers will want to check off sightings of Caribbean parakeets, warblers, and tropical mockingbirds. Kids and nature lovers simply enjoy being outdoors in an undeveloped space.

The sanctuary is always open and there is no charge to visit. Arrive at sunrise or soon after to catch the birds feeding and playing in the bushes and lakes. Sunset is the time to watch the birds fly to rest overnight.

An observation deck is off a dirt road across from the tall, red windmill at the Mill Resort. You also can get to the west side of the reserve off J.E. Irausquin Boulevard, behind the Blue Residence  Club. The best views are from the top of the deck on the north side of the lake.

At A Glance

J E Irausquin Boulevard, Palm - Eagle Beach, Aruba
Palm Beach
297 582 3777
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