Artisan Markets

Bargains on artwork, jewellery, pottery and more

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As you walk past the stalls on the River Cuale, vendors will call out to you to come and buy -“Almost free, Senora! Good price!” You’ll find everything here from toys to tableware. Some of it is made in China or India, but it is all cheap and cheerful. Best buys are the locally made things, like turquoise and silver jewelry, pottery and cotton dresses and leather goods. You can barter for a better price, but be gentle. They need the pesos more than you do. And the prices are already low.

The Saturday Market in the main square hosts artisans, food stalls, and organic vegetable and fruit producers, and is often the place to hear local musicians perform.

At the top of the walkway along the Cuale River, on the north side, along Insurgentes, you will find the rabbit warren that is the Municipal Mercado — a whole block of small vendors with many things to sell. It will take every ounce of  restraint to come out of here without buying something.

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