Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy

The Best Fish Sandwich

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The best and the biggest–that is what people tend to say when discussing Art Mel’s fish sandwiches. Go the traditional (local) route and let them put your sandwich on a raisin bun. Add tartar and coleslaw. Enjoy. Big enough for sharing, by the way.

As long as you are here, you may decide you need to try Art Mel’s fish cakes, another Bermudian staple, a blend of salt cod and potato. Also eaten on raisin buns with tartar sauce and also? Awesome.

Note: Art Mel’s in Hamilton is Take-away only

Note: It was a sad day in April 2016, when news of Art Mel’s death was announced. He brought the world a great sandwich, but judging from the outpouring of letters of condolence in the local papers, he brought more: a lot of love and light to everyone he knew. He will be missed.

At A Glance

9 St. Monica's Road, Hamilton Bermuda
About $12 for SUPER large fish sandwich

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