Art Courtyard Passage (Kunsthofpassage)

A creative space in the backyard

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The Art Courtyard Passage (Kunsthof Passage) links Alaunstrasse 70 with Görlitzer Strasse 23-25

The five courtyards are named „Courtyard of animals“ (with giraffes, monkeys and a buffalo on the walls), „Courtyard of metamorphoses“, „Courtyard of light“ (with mirrors at the wall to lighten the courtyard), the „Courtyard of mythical creatures“ and – my favorite! – The „Courtyard of the elements“ (a must-see: the water music, playing all day long when it’s raining – and on normal days every 30 minutes). Bring your wide-angel lens with you to make a picture of the trumpet-like funnel on the blue house wall.

Numerous restaurants and cafés, galleries and shops make the Art Courtyard Passage a creative place to stay for a while.

At A Glance

Görlitzer Str. 23
Dresden Saxony 01099

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