Arles and L’Arlésienne

The beautiful 'Queens' of Arles

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There is a long tradition dating back to Antiquity of Arles claiming to have the most beautiful women in France. This has been re-inforced over the years by many writers including Daudet and Mistral. Moreover, filmmakers have produced works entitled L’Arlésienne and of course we have Van Gogh’s famous portraits.

True or not, the women of Arles are very comfortable with this reputation as I guess anyone would be. They take every opportunity to dress in the appropriate outfits, i.e. sumptuous costumes flowing down to the the ground with small velvet ribbonned headdresses styled in the fashion of the 18th & 19th centuries.

Who will be Queen in May 2020?

Every three years they crown the most beautiful of the young ladies Queen of Arles and she becomes an ambassador for the city. The current ‘Queen’, the 23rd, is Naïs Lesbros who will hold the post until 2020 when a new Queen will be elected on May 1st. Watch this space!

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