Arawak Cay

Taste of the Out Islands

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Within walking distance from the cruise ship port, this colorful cluster of food stands, restaurants, and bars keeps alive a Bahamian Out Island tradition known as Fish Fry.

Everyone cooks up fresh seafood and other Bahamian dishes. Conch salad is the specialty — chopped up and “cooked” with lime juice, hot peppers, sweet peppers, and onions right before your eyes.

Local’s favorites include Twin Brothers and Goldie’s. On a hot day, New Briland Big Ten Lounge Restaurant offers the relief of air-conditioning and, from its second floor porch, a view of the cricket field and Fort Charlotte above it.

Things don’t get hopping here until mid-afternoon, and often continue well into the wee hours.

Arawak Cay’s outdoor stage hosts live music, concerts, and festivals. Next to it at Western Esplanade food trucks gather more or less in a permanent way.

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