Aquatica Water Park at SeaWorld Orlando

SeaWorld's popular waterpark — see the videos

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Aquatica Water Park,  owned by SeaWorld Orlando, features a South Pacific theme with mascots based on Australian and New Zealand animals. Although it’s located across the street from the SeaWorld theme park, Aquatica does not use any of SeaWorld’s more famous animal symbols. Aquatica is doing its own thing. To see Aquatica’s numerous options, check the park map here.

A good water park should be exciting and this one is: dual wave pools, 2 children’s play areas and 2 lazy rivers along with sand beaches and swimming areas. There are height restrictions on many rides that eliminate very young children from participating. Check the height requirements beforehand.

You’ll probably like the water slides best, especially the Dolphin Plunge, which pushes riders through acrylic flumes and a lagoon with acrobatic dolphins that have never known what it’s like not to be around humans. The animals were born at SeaWorld’s California park. The Grand Reef attraction offers shallow snorkeling and snorkeling over canyons simulating some of the world’s most famous coral reefs.

Aquatica has a strict policy about bringing in coolers. They are permitted, up to 16-quart size, but may contain only water, small individual snacks including fruit and baby food in plastic containers. Read the full cooler policy here.

A Fast Pass for some of the most popular rides is offered periodically. Local residents who plan to be regular visitors should check the annual Aquatica passes.

This series of short YouTube videos previews several popular Aquatica rides. The videos describe the experience far better than words.

 Dolphin Plunge

Breakaway Falls

Omaka Rocka

Tassie Twister

Hooroo Run

Walkabout Waters

At A Glance

5800 Water Play Way
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