Aquatic Park

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At the end of Van Ness, nestled at the foot of Fort Mason and the western border of Fisherman’s Wharf, one finds the Aquatic Park . The waterfront provides views of the San Francisco Bay from Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge, a sight especially beautiful when the sun sets. Tourists and joggers pass in front of the historic mural-covered bathhouse while children frolic in the sand. Hardened swimmers brave the ice-cold waters against the backdrop of a Spanish ship from 1775, the San Carlos. A Maritime Museum offers a look back in time, while Ghirardelli Square, now a retail center overlooking the park, provides food and shopping. From morning to night, the gates open to the Municipal Pier that encompasses the park’s western edge, a walkway that leads visitors into the SF Bay with amazing views.

At A Glance

499 Jefferson St.
San Francisco 94109


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