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This is a short slide show of what you can see along the Anhinga Trail. Advance the photos at the top of the page for just a few of the animals you might see.

Be sure it go to the special Royal Palm Itinerary which features a detailed description of the Anhinga Trail.

It is not an area to be rushed through (as most do) but walked slowly not once but over and over again. Best times normally are early and late when wildlife typically is most active.

The trail is named for the anhinga, one of the area’s most common residents and one Florida’s most distinctive birds.

Anhingas are alluring but alligators are arresting. Look for gators in the pond behind the Royal Palm visitor center. You may find a big one nearly close enough to touch, with just a waist-high stone wall separating you from the reptile. Great pictures!

Gators often concentrate where the asphalt ends and the walk joins a wooden platform.

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