Ancient ruins of Salona / Solin

Converse with Roman ghosts of centuries past

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An archaeological gem once the political center of Dalmatia’s Roman Empire

The sleepy town of Solin just five kilometres northeast of Split offers little apart the extensive ruins of ancient Salona.

Salona was originally settled by the Greeks and Illyrians but developed by the Romans. During the reign of Emperor Augustus, Salona became the political center of the Roman Empire’s province of Dalmatia but over several centuries, it underwent destruction by the Huns, Goths, Avars, Slavs and Venetians.

For such an archaeological gem, the ruins remain relatively unvisited.  Never fear, the lack of tourists will make your trip all the more intimate.

The most impressive ruin is the 2nd century amphitheatre which at its peak could seat 18,000 spectators and was destroyed by the Venetians in the 17th century.

Bring a picnic and enjoy your lunch on the seats of the amphitheatre or ornately carved marble sarcophagi while conversing with the Roman ghosts of centuries past.

Other noteworthy mentions include:

The Manastirine – a burial place for early Christian martyrs.
The Porta Caesarea – the one time gate that led into Salona.
A basilica that dates from the 4th century and the ruins of a cathedral with an octagonal baptistery.
A covered aqueduct from the 1st century and public baths.

For smaller, portable relics unearthed at Salona, visit the Split Archaeological Museum. This will give you a better understanding of how this once thriving community lived.

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