Amy’s Ice Cream

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Why do we love Amy’s Ice Cream? It’s not just the ice cream itself, which, by the way, is smooth, creamy and delightful. It’s the toppings that get crushed, pounded and blended in, violently but lovingly, by the staff wielding metal scoops in both hands.

Choose from one of 15 flavors (a handful of classics with rotating specials from their 300 or so recipes) and choose from dozens of toppings, including candy, cookies, fruit, and nuts. Mexican vanilla bean with fresh strawberries? Dark chocolate with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? You can even opt for mango with jelly beans if that’s what you’re into.

Look for other locations on Guadalupe St north of the campus and on South Congress near all the shops.

At A Glance

1012 W Sixth St

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