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Orlando is home to the first in the Americas’ Escape Game chain, another locked room attraction.  Using  a team of  scenic designers, writers and artists, the game house  offers a variety of theme rooms with  clues, puzzles and mind teasers players must solve in order to unlock the room and escape.

As proof of the game’s various challenges, owners say the escape rates for the different rooms are all below 15%. The rooms hold from 8 to 10 players, ages 12 and up.

Room themes include:

The Caretaker, scariest of all, is set deep in the woods of Oregon where a mad scientist has unleashed a pack of large wolf hybrids. The mission is to rescue the caretaker and escape.

Monthu’s Tomb, modeled after King Tut’s Dig Site with real Egyptian hieroglyphics  and sand for atmosphere.

Crisis at 1600 puts players into an Oval Office that contains replicas of the Presidential desk, rug and artwork.

Pandemic takes place in an underground laboratory with  test tubes, microscopes and  real life gas masks.

Look for discount coupons on the attraction Facebook page.

At A Glance

8723 International Dr., Suite 115
Orlando Florida 32819
(407) 412-5585
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