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Pricing starts from Rp9,322,120++ (USD700++)/night for a Garden Suite (++ indicates an additional 21% for Government taxes and service charges.)

The resort totally embodies the tranquility and spirituality of the destination with its design replicating the style of a traditional Balinese village and the ambience reflecting the years of tradition and culture that surround it.

Access your free standing Village Suite along a pebbled pathway and through a typically Balinese stone gateway and enter a world of traditionally toned elegance and space. Complete privacy is ensured with the surrounding stone wall, and the coconut and teak wood provide warmth while the garden views and outdoor living area offer a refreshing feeling of lushness.

Valley suites and Pool Suites are also available with similar appointments but the former offers views of the Ayung River Gorge or rice paddies, and the garden of the latter features a large plunge pool. Double storey suites are also available.

The main pool is a stunning infinity pool which appears to balance on the edge of the gorge but in fact overlooks grassy slopes that disappear into the valley below. At one end of the pool a pavilion is set up to showcase the gamelan players who fill the air with their percussive tinkling and bamboo echoes.

At A Glance

Jalan Raya Kedewatan
Banjar Kedewatan, Ubud Bali 80571

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