Altamura, Puglia

Round Medieval Old Town in Puglia's Interior

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Altamura is famous for its bread, pane di Altamura, but another good reason to visit the town is for its interesting historic center, of note for its round shape. Altamura’s  Romanesque-Gothic Cathedral was begun in 1232 by Frederick II. Its architectural style was influenced by the Cathedral of Bari and early Gothic architecture of the period. Although it has been remodeled several times over the years, it is still an excellent example of a Romanesque and early Gothic style cathedral. Of note are the carved portal with 22 panels with scenes from Jesus’ life in the arch, its twin bell towers, and its rose window. Inside is a stone nativity scene set in a cave from the 16th century.

Once home to many churches and cloisters in medieval times. only a few of them remain in the historic center today.Take a little time wandering around the old town then stop in at Cafe Ronchi near the cathedral for a coffee or to try the special liquor.

Near Altamura visit the interesting town of Gravina in Puglia, noted for its rock-cut houses and churches built in a ravine.

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