Alligator Gorge

cut through outback SA, safe from crocodiles

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Mt Remarkable National Park, in the southern Flinders Ranges, is a sanctuary for a mix of flora and fauna from dry northern South Australia and the state’s moister south. But there is one creature you are guaranteed not to meet in Alligator Gorge.

The rock walls have the crazed texture of a prehistoric reptile but the origin of the gorge’s name is unknown. And while coppery skinks abound, walkers are safe from all members of the Crocodylus family.

Starting in Blue Gum Flat picnic area, a serpentine, unsealed, scenic short drive from Wilmington, this moderate but fun and family-friendly 9.3km loop walk is best done anticlockwise. Walk-cum-clamber up the gorge: between spectacular, multilayered walls that close in around you to natural corridors only metres wide; over boulders; and across the creek several times.

Having climbed out of the gorge, you can step out down a management vehicular track, towards ranges framed by trees. If wildflowers don’t slow your momentum. Lookout for orchids, pea flowers, and pretty early Nancy (white with purple ring around the stamens).

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((618) 8648-5300
A$10 per vehicle per day; multi-park passes also available

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