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Get footloose and fancy free in a beach resort town with a Spanish feel

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Alghero is a popular beach resort town on the northwest corner of Sardinia and one of the island’s top seaside towns. In existence since prehistoric times, ownership of Alghero has passed through many hands, from the Genovese who designed the port to the Aragonese who expelled the locals and populated the city with Catalan colonists. A dialect of Catalan is still spoken by a small number of locals, and Spanish is widely understood. The city still retains its Catalan character.

Alghero is surrounded by walls called Bastioni overlooking the sea and port. A new seaside promenade has just been built to facilitate strolling and the evening passiagiata that Italians enjoy.

Alghero is served by Alghero Airport.

Alghero attracts the well-heeled tourist and is thus a bit more expensive than other cities in Sardinia. The top place to stay is the elegant Villa las Tronas Hotel and Spa, on the sea just a short walk from the city center.

The local cuisine focuses on the fresh seafood that pours in from the nearby sea. In spring, Ricci al mare, sea urchins, are featured on many menus. If you just want a casual lunch, head to the  very popular sandwich shop called Bar Focacceria Milese.

Jewelry, especially featuring red coral found just off the coast of Alghero, is what savvy shoppers look for in Alghero.

See typical weather and climate for the popular destination.

Getting Out of Town, Alghero’s Top Archaeological Sites

Just a short car or bus ride away from the city are two ancient sites you should see. Nuraghe Palmavera is one of the largest nuraghic complexes on the island and Anghelu Ruju is an even older necropolis.

Where to Go from Here

One of the great drives in Sardinia is the drive from here down the coast to Bosa.

Alghero and the sea from the bastion walls.


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