Albright Visitor Center

Taste the history of Yellowstone

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The sandstone-block, red-roofed Albright Visitor Center began life as a bachelor officers’ quarters at Fort Yellowstone. Today, it houses a not-to-miss museum. Many of the exhibits focus on the parade of people who’ve marched through this region, including prehistoric Native Americans, beaver-seeking mountain men, miners, soldiers, and early National Park Service rangers.

In the Jackson Gallery, works by William Henry Jackson show Yellowstone’s first photographs from the 1871 Hayden Survey. You can also kick back for awhile in the museum’s theater to view “The Challenge of Yellowstone” and/or “Thomas ‘Yellowstone’ Moran.” The latter film tells the story of the pioneer painter whose art helped sell the national-park idea to congress in Washington, D.C.

The visitor center also has a backcountry permit office, road conditions, maps, a bookstore, and planning information.

Thanks to Mike McCoy for helping out here.

At A Glance

Grand Loop Road
Mammoth Hot Springs Wyoming 82190
8am-7pm late May through Sept; 9am-5pm the rest of the year


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