Home of the famous Bar El Rincón del Peregrino

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Alberguería, population 150, welcomes pilgrims to town with a huge sign in several languages, which is cheering after you long, rather arduous, uphill trek from Laza.

But the best part about arriving here is the chance to duck into Bar Rincón del Peregrino, the most pilgrim-centric business along the entire VDLP. Think scallop shells on every inch of the bar, for starters (including the walls and ceiling). Look for the Mahou beer sign at the bar, which helpfully informs pilgrims that Santiago is a mere 140
kilometers away (it’s actually 155.9).

The owner of the bar also runs a newer albergue across the street, which has a tiny shop inside offering a smattering of groceries.

As you wind through town, keep an eye out for the old church. It sports a modern front door decorated with a scallop shell.


Be prepared for a lot of downhill hiking once you leave town.

Alberguería is 529 mi (851.4 km) from Sevilla and 96.9 mi (155.9 km) from Santiago.

This town offers the following services: bar-restaurants, lodging, one shop

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