Al Fahidi Street and Meena Bazaar

Sumptuous saris and salwar kameez

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Arrowing through the centre of Bur Dubai, busy Al Fahidi Street is usually the liveliest spot in the district, lined with a long sequence of shops stacked high with watches (not always genuine), phones, cameras and other assorted electronics – you’re unlikely to walk far before being offered a “cheap copy watch”, “nice pashmina” or similar by one of the cheery Indian shopkeepers who work the stores along here – if you do buy, it pays to bargain hard and check quality carefully.

Heading east along the road the electronics start giving way to clothes and fabrics as you approach the Dubai Museum. This end of Al Fahidi, along with the adjacent Al Hisn Street and surrounding lanes is often informally described as Meena Bazaar, the epicentre of Dubai’s tailoring trade, with shopfronts ablaze with colourful displays of saris and bolts of cloth. It’s also a good place to get your own clothes made up at inexpensive prices – any decent tailor will be able to copy any existing garment you bring in or create something from a photograph or even a drawing, if you fancy designing your own garments. There’s a cluster of tailors on and around the west side of Al Hisn Street about a block south of Khalid Bin al Waleed Road – Dream Girl Tailors (37D St, off Al Hisn St, tel: (04) 388 0070; Sat–Thurs 10am–1pm & 4–10pm, Fri 6–9pm only) comes particularly highly recommended and charge around 70dh for a shirt or trousers, or from 200dh for a dress (not including material).

At A Glance

Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai
Most shops open daily 10am-1pm & 4/5-10pm, although some close on Fri mornings

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