Al Ahmadiya School

Dubai's oldest school and prettiest traditional building

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Immediately behind the Heritage House, the Al Ahmadiya School is perhaps the most attractive traditional building in Dubai, with two neat storeys arranged around a diminutive central courtyard, enclosed by beautifully carved arches.

Founded in 1912, this was the first school in the UAE, and counts a couple of the city’s former ruling sheikhs among its list of old boys. Students here were instructed in mathematics, basic science and Koranic studies, as well as being introduced to more practical matters like the pearl trade, which formerly provided the city with most of its wealth.

A few of the school’s original wooden desks survive, accompanied by a modest selection of exhibits on the history of the place, including an interesting short film and the inevitable mannequins – look out for the rather grumpy looking teacher admonishing three tiny pupils with a long wooden cane.

At A Glance

Old Baladiya Rd, Deira
(04) 226 0286

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