Aix: Place des Prêcheurs

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Powerful in appearance the Palais de Justice (courthouse) stands on a busy market square that is full of colour and the sounds of daily life in Provence. The Palais was built on the site of the 13th-century Palais Comptal, the original seat of the Parliament of Provence and the Audit Office. Just behind the courthouse is the Appeals Court, the most influential Appeals Court in France after Paris.

At the far corner, of Place des Prêcheurs is the Church of the Madeleine, named a historical monument in 1988.  The church was once a Dominican monastery, built in 1274. It was long abandoned and then reconstructed in 1703 as a church.

Just a few steps from bustling Place des Prêcheurs you find Place des Trois Ormeaux. There is a table waiting for you to enjoy a glass of rosé at Les 3 Ormeaux a restaurant and wine bar.

At A Glance

5 rue Mignet
Aix en Provence 13100

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