The old capital of Provence

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Founded in AD 122 by the Romans and known as Aquas Sextias, Aix, the old capital of Provence and seat of the Aix Parliament, is a charming and graceful city with 17th and 18th Century buildings, squares and magnificent avenues.

The most well-known of these avenues is the Cours Mirabeau, named after the Revolutionary politician, right in the centre of town and lined with magnificent plane trees. Constructed on the old ramparts, the Cours Mirabeau is really the hub of Aix with many cafés including the famous Café des Deux Garçons which were frequented by the likes of the writer Emile Zola and the artist Paul Cézanne.

Aix is also famous for its fountains and three of these can be found along the length of the Cours Mirabeau – the Fontaine des Neuf Canons; the Fontaine d’Eau Thermale and the Fontaine du Roi René.

Finally, before you leave Aix you have to sample the famous Calisons – these confections made from candied fruit, ground almonds and royal icing are absolutely delicious and must not be missed!

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