Aix: Cours Mirabeau

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The French word cours comes from Italian “corso”, meaning promenade.  In 1651, the Archbishop Mazarin used the site of the old ramparts as the base for a new street – now the famed Cours Mirabeau.  This prominent road, which divides the old town into two sections, was once reserved for the exclusive use of the aristocracy.  Now we can all enjoy walking along the wide sidewalks, beneath the beautiful canopy created by the double rows of Plane trees. The original trees along the Cours were elms, but the Plane tree, a type of Sycamore common in the region, replaced the original trees. In 1876, the street was named after the Count of Mirabeau, who was born in 1749.

At A Glance

Cours Mirabeau
Aix en Provence 13100

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