Aix: Aquae Sextiae

Spa time at Thermes Sextius

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In 122 BC, the Roman troops were in need of a location that provided the necessities to maintain their health. The original Roman baths Thermes Sextius were built on the site of the city named Aquae Sextiae named after its founder, Roman consul Sextius Calvinus. The word aquae, from which Aix is derived, means water in Latin, and so the town name represents “the water of Sextius.”

Today, Thermes Sextius is a place to treat yourself. You can enjoy the romance of elegance and relaxation. Select a single spa service or several to make a full day of indulgence.

At A Glance

55 ave Thermes
Aix en Provence
33 (0)4 42 23 81 82

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