Airstrip afternoons

The place to be at sunset

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The place to be when the Equatorial sun starts to lose its bite at the sunset end of the day is Funafuti’s unfenced airstrip. It’s only used by aircraft two mornings a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays; the rest of the time it’s a cross between a public park and a sports ground.

During the day it’s too hot and humid to be outside, but come late afternoon, people gather there to walk and talk or play soccer, volleyball or touch football. Join in, watch from the grassy sidelines or just enjoy the open space and cooling sea breeze.

There are even a couple of local landmarks either side: the solar-panelled power station and the prime minister’s residence, Tuvalu House, where Tuvaluans are apparently welcome to drop by for a chat with their esteemed leader.

At A Glance

Fongafale Island


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