Ai’€˜ea Loop Trail

Family hiking fun

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This popular family hiking trail offers a variety of landscapes along its five-mile loop. The great thing about it is that you don’t have to be a gym rat or an avid hiker to survive and enjoy it. The trail head is located at the northern most point of the park at the very top of Ai‘ea Heights Drive, but feel free to enter and set out on the trail from the campsite area below. This route makes the typically final butt-burning climb into a gentle descent.

In general, though, you’ll find yourself dipping into gullies and tracing ridges high above Halawa Valley, where you’ll get wonderful views of Pearl Harbor and West O‘ahu. Then, you’ll wind your way through the eucalyptus and bamboo forests that make this trail such a magical experience.

At A Glance

Aiea Heights Drive
Aiea 96701
Dawn to Dusk

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