Agnes Water & 1770

Town of 1770 is the jumping off point for Lady Musgrave Island

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The small coastal town of Agnes Water may consider itself Queensland’s best kept secret but surfers know better. The Discovery Coast is the northern most mainland shore break where surfers can get their wave fix. Northwards from here the Great Barrier Reef becomes the surfers nemesis. Boaties, snorkellers, divers and anyone with a love of offshore islands and reef however rejoice from here all the way to the Torres Strait with islands and coral reef aplenty.

Population growth exploded in recent years with more than 3,000 people now calling Agnes Waters home. Locals are divided about the benefits of coastal development impinging on their idyllic hamlet, but what isn’t in dispute is the reason everyone wants to come here. Surrounded by Deepwater and Eurimbula National Parks, sophisticated holiday homes and villas atop the cliff overlook the most northern surf beach on Australia’s east coast mainland.

Nearby, curiously named Town of 1770 is so named after British explorer James Cook first stepped ashore in, well, 1770. Known as the Discovery Coast, 1770 is tucked in behind Round Hill Head, on an inlet with just enough room for about a dozen boats to moor off the beach from the 1770 Campground.

The two towns are collectively referred to within these pages as Agnes Water & Town of 1770 as they are so closely related.

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Getting There:
Road – 490km north of Brisbane
Rail – QLD Rail, Bundaberg Station

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