Agawa Canyon Tour Train

Agawa Canyon Lookout

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The scenic Agawa Canyon Tour Train is one of the most popular train day trips in all North America.  It is truly a wilderness excursion as the canyon, located about 183km (114 miles) north of S. S. Marie, is accessible only by rail. The canyon is 20 km (12mi) long with walls 175m (574ft) at the highest point and a mere 15 m (49ft) wide at its narrowest point.

Rail travelers experience towering trestles and all the pristine wonders of the Canadian Shield -amazing granite rock formations, crystal clear lakes and vast mixed forests. At the end of the line tourists find themselves amid the spectacular scenery that inspired the landscape art of the famous Group of Seven.

Note:  Reservations recommended months in advance for the very popular Fall Colour Train.

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