Afternoon Tea

Everything stops for tea

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With dozens of cafés, York caters for all shapes and forms of afternoon tea with a passion.

Whether a simple refreshing cuppa, a cream tea, or a full-scale blow-out of three courses (sandwich, scone, cake), the city falls over itself to cater for visitors and locals alike.

All cafés mentioned can provide the necessary, but here are a few selected highlights:
Bettys: Queen of the stylish cafés
Spurriergate Centre: Homely with homemade cakes
The Library: For a quick cup of tea and a biscuit
Goji: Speciality teas, tissanes, wholefood cake (incl. vegan chocolate)
Bicis y Mas: Quality tea (loose tea), herbal teas, homemade cakes. (And though it may be heresy, for the tea averse, there’s a great selection of coffees.)

Local Specialities

Here are two local sweet suggestions for your afternoon tea:

Yorkshire Curd Cake: On sale in many cafés, and all baker’s shops, both as individual and larger flans.

Apple Pie with cheese: Don’t be surprised at a
café in York if you’re asked if you’d like cheese with your rich fruit
cake or apple pie, instead of cream. It’s a local custom; hence the
Yorkshire saying:
Apple pie without the cheese.
Is like a kiss without the squeeze.

And cheese in Yorkshire is often equated to Yorkshire’s very own Wensleydale. Classic Wensleydale is a mild, white, crumbly cheese with a tangy note, and has been made
in the rural town of Hawes since the twelfth century. In truth there
are many other local cheeses. (As a visit to Henshelwood’s will show.) Try Shepherd’s Purse or Jervaux, for instance.

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