African Queen

A French Riviera mainstay in beautiful Beaulieu

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With a name like African Queen, it’s hard to resist this popular local restaurant on the Beaulieu-sur-Mer ??marina, surrounded by towering cliffs and ??pristine yachts. ?

African Queen has been here for more than 40 years and is ?an institution, thanks to fine fresh cuisine and sumptuous interior that somehow blends mid century modern with far-flung exotic, with an eclectic collection of statues, decor elements and artwork.

Named “African Queen” in 1969 after the famous film by
John Huston, the restaurant has built an international reputation ?and has attracted Hollywood celebrities, locals and tourists to its fabled tables.

The menu ?specializes in flavors of Provence and fresh fish from the Mediterranean, such as  traditional Bouillabaisse, but also offers wood fired pizzas, pasta, salads, foie gras, local cheese, and some specialties like African curry and sushi.  There is also a kids’ menu for just  €12

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Port de Plaisance

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